About diffTech

Developers can use different technologies for many software development tasks in their work. However, when faced with several technologies with comparable functionalities, it is not easy for developers to select the most appropriate one, as comparisons among technologies are time-consuming by trial and error. Instead, developers can resort to expert articles, read official documents or ask questions in Q&A sites for technology comparison, but it is opportunistic to get a comprehensive comparison as online information is often fragmented or contradictory.

To overcome these limitations, we propose the diffTech system that exploits the crowd sourced discussions from Stack Overflow, and assists technology comparison with an informative summary of different comparison aspects.

We first build a large database of comparable technologies in software engineering by mining tags in Stack Overflow, and then locate comparative sentences about comparable technologies with natural language processing methods. We further mine prominent comparison aspects by clustering similar comparative sentences and representing each cluster with its keywords. Then, we develop a classifier, and for each pair of comparative technologies, we identifying the sentiments and aggragate the overall opinions. The evaluation demonstrates both the accuracy and usefulness of our model and this website is a live demo of our result.


We are a group of researchers located at Monash University, Melbourne Australia.

We are intersted in Software Engineer related problems, deep learning, NLP, and UI development. If you have any thoughts on helping diffTech or other interesting idea related, please feel free to contact us at han.wang@monash.edu

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