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Abstract classes are classes which cannot be instantiated


A subclass is a class that derives or inherits from a parent (or super) class



Have the abstract-class use a generic and each subclass defines the generic;an aside your abstract-class doesn t compile

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Varying return types

You can make it not abstract or create a subclass that invokes super on your abstract-class;although abstract-class cannot be used to instantiate objects they can be used to create object references because java s approach to run-time polymorphism is implements through the use of superclass references

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How to do a one-time operation under abstract class

Any subclass must define a body for each abstract method otherwise it too must be declared abstract;because abstract-class cannot be instantiated they must be extended by at least one subclass in order to be utilized

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Abstract class in Java

Make sure your concrete subclass is marked as component stereotype and being component scanning by spring;component on the abstract-class is not needed as it cannot be instantiated

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Injecting property using @Value to abstract class

However consider complex as being a subclass of number if number were not abstract the add method found in number assuming it s a real number addition algorithm would make no sense for complex numbers;here an abstract-class makes more sense

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Abstract vs Regular Super Class

Here my abstract-class is baseparameter and i am replacing the stringvalue property with a different value from the subclass not shown;note that although you can rebind to the correct type the form values associated only with the subclass will not be automatically roundtripped because the modelbinder only see the properties on the base class

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MVC generic ViewModel

Making abstract-class before i had more than one subclass in mind for them

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* (no title is found for this review)

You can use a subclass or implementing class;interfaces and abstract-class are not concrete classes

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Why interface and abstract methods can't be instantiated?

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