Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a cryptographic block cipher algorithm.


RSA is a common public key algorithm, which can be used for encryption and signature

Slower simpler management

Quality Example
Much slower

"Like you heard asymmetric cryptography like rsa is much slower than symmetric cryptography aes but it does have it s advantages simpler key management a single private key to protect"

from question "Encrypting/Decrypting large files (.NET)"

"Rsa is much slower than aes"

from question "Encrypting / Decrypting Lists of data efficiently"

"One of the reasons to do so is that rsa is much slower than for example aes"

from question "Manual implementation RSA java. Padding ideas"

Encrypt faster

"It shows that rsa encrypt is faster then aes encrypt"

from question "AES faster than RSA Encryption?"


"The aes key is encrypting much more data but is much faster than rsa encryption"

from question "Openssl smime: aes vs rsa - which one encrypts?"

Execution sizes secs

Quality Example
More faster

"Execution of aes is more faster than rsa for same key sizes"

from question "RSA Encryption-Decryption of AES key and storing in file"


"So the 115 seconds will be reduced to 3-4 secs plus the encryption decryption time used for aes which is much faster than rsa"

from question "RSA encryption results in server execution timeout"


Quality Example
Less secure

"How is aes less secure than rsa in this scenario"

from question "Sending username and password between domains securely"


"Asymmetric encryption ex rsa is no more secure than symmetric encryption ex aes"

from question "Understanding Encryption in Realm"

More secure

"Asymmetric key encryption ex rsa is no more secure than symmetric key encryption ex aes"

from question "How the RSA algorithm (encryption and decryption) works in real life?"

Performance resources resource

Quality Example

"There are two reasons for that performance aes is faster then rsa and resources aes is less resource hungry than rsa"

from question "IOS MDM profile signing, which certificate to use?"


"And regarding your first question it is definitely possible to encrypt decrypt messages directly using rsa there are only technical and performance reasons aes is much faster than rsa why rsa is used only to encrypt a session key and aes is used to encrypt decrypt the messages themselves"

from question "Encrypted communication C# <-> PHP using RSA and AES"


Quality Example
Much more computationally

"Note however that doing so means that each encrypted chunk has its own padding and that rsa is much more computationally expensive than aes"

from question "Encrypt a long text string using RSA encryption only"

Less strenght

"In your particular case an rsa key of 2048 bits has a lot less strenght than an aes key of 256 bits"

from question "InvalidKeyException for encryption but not for decryption"

Less user-friendly

"Algorithms like rsa are much less user-friendly than aes"

from question "What is the performance difference of pki to symmetric encryption?"


"The whole purpose of using aes to secure the communication or any symmetric key encryption is that it s a lot faster than rsa or any public key encryption"

from question "Handling digital signature in network applications"

Less safe

"Block crypto algorithms like aes do suffer from this problem too but without a pki aes is no less safe than rsa"

from question "What is the performance difference of pki to symmetric encryption?"

Key less

"But if you use public key encryption to encrypt messages you are a limited to small messages -- a 1024 bit rsa key encrypts less than 128 bytes and b going to pay in performance because public key encryption is much more costly than symmetric key encryption such as aes encryption"

from question "Securing A Chat Application"


"As far as efficiency rsa is going to be orders of magnitudes slower than aes so the trade-off you make is that you give up simplicity you give up the simplicity of using aes in favor of some rsa chunking in return for poor performance you get the slower performance of rsa."

from question "Encrypt a long text string using RSA encryption only"

Less secure 4096-bit

"While 256-bit aes might sound less secure than 4096-bit rsa they might actually be quite similar from the offered protection"

from question "SSL showing 128bit encryption for 2048 bit private key"


"Considering most rsa moduli are at least 1024 bit this will be much larger than an aes key"

from question "OpenSSL decrypt error - Padding versus Raw"


"That is actually not the case with rsa which is --- more so than aes --- just a math equation"

from question "What is the performance difference of pki to symmetric encryption?"

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