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Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a cryptographic block cipher algorithm.


Triple DES is a symmetric encryption algorithm that uses the DES cipher three times to encrypt each block of data



Aes is not be supported on client side for gwt but you can use tripledes;tripledes is also very much secure implementation

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AES decryption at Client side

Des is a very weak algorithm you might want to think about aes rijndael;even tripledes is better then just plain des

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How to implement System.Security.Cryptography.DES

I personally would use aes for my encryption as it is lighter and more secure than tripledes in fact i think it is the de facto algorithm at the moment

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TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider FIPS 140-2 Compliance

But tripledes is older and weaker than aes

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Rfc2898DeriveBytes and TripleDes

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