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Agda is a dependently typed, total functional programming language and a proof assistant.


Haskell is a purely functional programming language featuring strong static typing, lazy evaluation, extensive parallelism and concurrency support, and unique abstraction capabilities.



Haskell unlike agda does not have dependent types so there is no way to do exactly what you want;types cannot be parameterized by value since haskell enforces a phase distinction between runtime and compile time

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Binding name in type signature using DataKind

Now i believe this approach is a fair bit more practical than indexing with monoids because haskell doesn t have kind classes or first-class type level functions that would make the monoid approach palatable;it would be nice to have a verifiedmonoid class like in idris or agda which includes correctness proofs besides the usual methods

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Working out the details of a type indexed free monad

Coq is probably the most prominent language of the style but agda has a more haskell-y feel as well as being written in haskell itself

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What language to learn after Haskell?

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