Aggregate functions are a subset of SQL functions that compute a single value from multiple input rows, mostly used in `SELECT` queries with a `GROUP BY` clause


The 'sum' function which returns the sum of the items in an array.

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"Aggregate-functions is more general version of sum"

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Sum a list of BigIntegers

"As an added answer there is also the aggregate-functions which is more general than sum"

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Accumulating sum in one line in C#



Hen using group by you should only return columns that are named in group by clause or that include an aggregate-functions;therefore the inner select here gets the col2 values where the sum is greater than or equal to zero then the outer select grabs the entire row for those values

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How to refactor this MySQL code?

If you want to get a single value from the query it s better to use the value function or even better with an aggregate-functions like sum the error you have is because you are trying to sum two standard objects the get function returns an array of standard objects you can also solve using this line with your own queries

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Object of class stdClass could not be converted to number

Having is used to calculate aggregate-functions;like in your above case if you want to find out name of the countries having sum population is greater then 2 000 000 then you can apply having clause like this for more info about the same you may find this link

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I changed out total for sum which is more consistent with other databases sqlite aggregate-functions

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Use cid in sqlite instead of column name?

With conditional aggregation you usually need the condition inside the aggregate-functions like so also while composing this i noticed sum is probably more appropriate for what you want

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Issue with aggregate query in MYSQL

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