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Android class providing access to the system alarm services.


Timertask is a Java API class



Hence the alarmmanager which runs much better than a java timertask thingy

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Run GPS listener in background on Android

Alarmmanager should also be more efficient than timertask

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How to place a thread with and infinite foor loop inside a background service

Timer and timertask are fine for things with short periods that are only relevant while an activity is on-screen;alarmmanager is for longer periods such as time and date to be notified because it allows your service to get out of memory

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How can I store a Timer object so that it can later be retrieved?

Alarmmanager consumes lesser battery power than timertask or thread

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Android force kill schedule service every minute

Timertask;both of these are made for repeative execution on certain interval however alarmmanager uses lesser battery

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How send infomation latitude and longitude to server a continuous

Alarmmanager is better if you need to receive the intent even when your activity is not active;timer and timertask might be better if you only need the periodic behavior while your activity is running

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Efficient means to poll from a source and update UI on Android?

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