A component of C++'s Standard Library, in charge of handling the requests for allocation and deallocation of memory for a container.


Boost is a large collection of high-quality libraries intended for use in C++


Quality Example

"To be able to use std allocate_shared with boost fast_pool_allocator as the allocator method using g++ 4.8 or higher with boost 1.56.0"

from question "Boost pool allocators won't compile with std::allocate_shared in g++"

String_ref much faster still

"Just to goof off a version using boost string_ref is much faster still due the reduced allocator"

from question "Comparing 3 modern c++ ways to convert integral values to strings"


"The latter doesn t do any dynamic memory allocator and is more than 10 times faster than std to_string on boost karma benchmarks"

from question "Easiest way to convert int to string in C++"

Intrusive_ptr better

"Boost intrusive_ptr performs better than shared_ptr because it doesn t need a second allocator to hold the reference count"

from question "C++ Reinforcement learning and smart pointers"

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