AndroidViewClient is a 100% pure python library and tools that simplifies test script creation and android test automation, providing higher level operations and the ability of obtaining the tree of Views present at any given moment on the device or emulator screen and perform operations on it. Test script creation can be even further simplified and automated by using Culebra.


Monkeyrunner is tool from Android SDK which provides an API for writing programs that control an Android device or emulator from outside of Android code.


Quality Example

"I recomend to use dtmilano tool androidviewclient that is easier to use than monkeyrunner"

from question "MonkeyRunner script go to 'Developer options' then check 'Stay Awake' but is not recorded"


"I need to perform several device.touch events as fast as possible however androidviewclient seems to achieve those significantly slower than monkeyrunner"

from question "AndroidViewClient's device.touch() is much slower than MonkeyRunner's. Can it be fixed?"

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