Apache Ant (formerly Jakarta Ant) is a declarative, XML-based build tool created originally for Java projects


Apache Maven is a build automation and project management tool used primarily for Java projects

Repo preferred respects

Quality Example

"But as i checked-out some example apps from spring source repo and it seems that maven is more preferred and powerful than ant"

from question "Eclipse giving out an error while adding springframework dependency in maven .pom"

More powerful

"Ant is much more powerful than maven in many respects but maven excels in dependency management and ease of deployment"

from question "Is there a SVN Maven?"

Number ground sophisticated

Quality Example

"Ant is older and while it is still used in a number of projects it is rapidly losing ground to maven"

from question "ANT or MAVEN for my selenium project?"

More sophisticated

"A hood technique is to tag milestone releases of your projects giving then a version number and then manage dependencies with maven or a similar tool a bit more sophisticated than ant"

from question "Single or multiple repositories ? : project with parts in Visual Studio, Eclipse, SQL Server 2008"

Simpler default project

Quality Example

"Ant is simpler and older and the default just called a java project maven is newer more powerful and flexible"

from question "Netbeans equivalent of Visual Studio solution file?"

"So i suggest you build a p2 repository can be done in ant but seems simpler in maven tycho and split the projects to several repositories"

from question "Standard way to upload an Eclipse project with many project dependencies to GitHub?"


"Also maven projects come with a different directory structure and seems to be doing much more than what ant does in the spring source tutorial"

from question "Eclipse giving out an error while adding springframework dependency in maven .pom"

Complex powerful

Quality Example
More complex

"Does this make ant more complex than maven"

from question "The case against Maven?"

More powerful

"I know maven is more powerful than ant"

from question "Is Maven just a bunch of Ant scripts?"

Script class files

Quality Example

"Maven can t be compared with ant as in maven vs ant maven is more than a build script than ant is"

from question "Java project building"

Script more .class

"1 - why ant script generates more .class files than maven"

from question "Maven and Ant test cases"

Better dependencies system

Quality Example

"Ant pre-dates more modern tools like maven and gradle that have this feature baked in"

from question "Adding external dependencies to ant project (IDEA Android project)"

Pretty easier

"I think updating dependencies with maven is pretty easier than dealing with ant but of course you could select the other way if you feel more conifrtable"

from question "Migrating existing GWT project to new GWT version"


"You can take a look on gradle which for me could provide more freedom than maven but is easier to use than ant"

from question "Java Build Tools: Ant vs. Maven"


"I also find ant with ivy to be better documented than maven although that s not too difficult"

from question "Build multiple java projects with dynamic dependencies"

"While i personally think maven is a better tool than ant in the long run our experience will make maven3 a better tool than maven2"

from question "What are your impressions of Maven?"

"If you want to stick to lower level basic file operations ant is better bet than maven"

from question "Is there a maven plugin for doing common file system operations?"

"This question is similar in nature to whether ant is better than maven or c# better than java"

from question "Is Perforce worth it?"

"Maven is better for managing dependencies but ant is ok with them too if you use ant+ivy and build artefacts"

from question "Java Build Tools: Ant vs. Maven"

"Maven is definitely better than ant and well used for big projects"

from question "Solution to dependency injection in ANT and EJB 3.0 for unit testing"

"Trust me i did this before for another job where the system architect decided that maven was better than ant and all of our projects must be converted from ant to maven"

from question "Use ivy java project in maven?"

"However some things ant handles better than maven and if there s not a maven plugin for it it may be difficult to handle in maven"

from question "What are your impressions of Maven?"


"Can maven examine and resolve internal dependencies of non-mavenized jar library defined earlier by ant"

from question "Ant jar library in maven project"

Really better job

"And it turns out maven really does a better job of managing dependencies for ant build.xml files than does ivy"

from question "Maven or Ivy for Managing Dependencies from Ant?"

Better solution

"While you can munge together a solution with ant maven is a better solution for managing dependencies than ant"

from question "Building complex project with Ant"

Definitely better

"Maven definitely has better integration with flex than ant"

from question "Build a flex project on, ant or Maven?"

Jar bigger then

"The size of maven jar is bigger then ant jar i don t know why help me please"

from question "Eclipse export jar different with ant jar"

Better alternative

"Maven is a better alternative as build system compared to ant"

from question "How can I build PDF LaTeX documents with ANT (or some other build system if you prefer)?"


Quality Example

"I guess that the maven version contains much more than the ant version"

from question "Glassfish 4: deploy problems when building with Maven"

"As you ve already said ant is more a replacement for gnu make while maven is primary a buildout dependency-management application"

from question "Capistrano for Java?"

"Maven is more like a replacement for ant"

from question "Jenkins and Maven difference"

"Maven is more of a meta-program that can use ant scripts and run your junit tests"

from question "Continuous Integration for Android via TeamCity. Preferred tools?"

"Maven is more or less an update concept of ant"

from question "Why do we need Maven or Ant, if we already have Eclipse?"

"Since ant is more of a scripting tool and doesn t impose structure or lifecycle like maven and gradle you simply manually invoke ant when you want to use it"

from question "What builder is used for Java Apps made in Eclipse IDE"

"The quotation you brought up just claim that maven does more than ant so that it s not fair to compare the two"

from question "What is the difference between platform and tool?"

"But maven and ant are so different that there is no real point at comparing them and maven is still much more than ant + dependency management"

from question "The case against Maven?"

"I d definitely use ant or maven - my preference is ant because it s more flexible and i think it would suit your development style more than maven as well"

from question "How can I make my development workflow more "enterprisey"?"

More freedom jacoco

"In jacoco 0.7.9 there are jacoco ant tasks and in 0.8.0 there will be jacoco command line interface - both provide more freedom than jacoco maven plugin in specification of what should be included into report in particular can be used for arbitrary third-party jar files"

from question "How to generate reports covering Maven dependencies in a Java project using JaCoCo or any other tool?"


"Maven is higher level than make makefile the classic c c++ build tool or ant build.xml"

from question "Trying to understand what Maven does in STS"

Less reliable

"Troubleshooting the build maven is less reliable than ant especially the non-core plugins"

from question "Differences between Ant and Maven"


"I find the ant one much clearer than the maven one"

from question "What's the best way to share JARs across multiple projects?"

Younger tool

"First maven is a much younger tool than ant or make so you have to expect that its going to take time to get to the maturity level of those applications"

from question "Why does Maven have such a bad rep?"


"Also note that while maven is no slower than ant for multi-module projects of this sort importing your maven project into an ide will generally result in far faster builds than maven can perform itself"

from question "Picking up changes in multi-module Maven project"

More then

"Did maven has achieved more then ant or ant is still alive"

from question "Did maven killed the ant or it is still alive?"


"First of all ant is older than maven and therefore does not include core support for dependency management"

from question "How to add dependency to Ant project"

Less verbose

"Alternate build tools ant lots of configuration gradle conventions again less verbose than maven"

from question "Why maven requires so many options to create a hello world project,can you recommend a more dedicated build tool for Java?"

Usage lower

"Maven usage is lower compared to ant but just how much lower is not really known"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

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