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Use this tag (along with an appropriate programming-language tag) for programming questions relating to the Apache HTTP Server


Lighttpd is a lightweight and high-performance event-driven web server.



Nginx or lighttpd in fastcgi mode use less ram than apache and they can handle more concurrent connections

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PHP Image Generation

The benefit of both apache is more powerful and extensible useless if you don t need that power but anyway... and lighttpd is faster at static content

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Apache or lighttpd

You would then ensure that apache or maybe lighttpd which is lighter weight is running on your rpi

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How get the images from the flying drone to the phone or cloud

This is my first experience setting up lighttpd as i thought it would be more suitable than apache in this case

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Optimise Lighttpd for lots of connections serving small files

- if you move towards more static content or go the fastcgi way lighttpd is faster than apache

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What webserver / mod / technique should I use to serve everything from memory?

For instance in some benchmarks lighttpd is even faster at serving static resources than apache

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File / Image Replication

It may even use a different server software say nginx or lighttpd that has less overhead than the traditional apache setup

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What are the benefits of storing client-side files (img, css, javascript) in subdomain?

Speaking only of unix-based environments i d say that fortunately you only have to think of this if you are going to use php with apache web server in which case you are advised to go with the prefork mpm of apache which doesn t use threads and therefore php thread-safety doesn t matter and all gnu linux distributions that i know of will take that decision for you when you are installing apache + php through their package system without even prompting you for a choice;if you are going to use other webservers such as nginx or lighttpd you won t have the option to embed php into them anyway

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What is thread safe or non-thread safe in PHP?

Since you ve switched to lighttpd the webserver itself is going to use fewer resources than apache would but apache is rarely the bottleneck unless you ve run out of ram or seriously misconfigured the webserver itself

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What are the most likely scaling issues a website with a modified lamp stack (Lighttpd instead of Apache) on EC2 will encounter as it grows?

This is the correct line for apache but not the correct line for lighttpd;for lighttpd you want something like this

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Django lighttpd FCGI error

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