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Artifactory is an enterprise-grade universal binary repository manager solution that can be used to work with more than 25 different dependency and package managers, including Maven, Docker, npm, PyPi etc


Nexus is a Repository Manager for Maven, NuGet and other binary artifact repositories



Nexus looks better choice than artifactory because of using filesystem instead of database to keep repository

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How does Archiva compare to Nexus?

I would recommend artifactory much better than the nexus

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Blacklisting a maven repository

I will not argue why and if nexus is better than artifactory as it would not be fair and would only cause flame wars

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Nexus or artifactory with nuget?

That said i have never used nexus and cannot really help you with a proper feature comparison;here are some things off the top of my head that i really like about artifactory keep in mind nexus may have these features too

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Tips for maintaining an internal Maven Repository?

As of now nexus doesn t support cocoapods;and artifactory does since v.4.5

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Is it possible to use CocoaPods through Nexus repository?

If you don t like big databases underneath artifactory may not be for you since it stores everything in jcr database although the authors stand behind their design choice;nexus is more file-system friendly and we ended up using it

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Javascript ui to maven interface over http

This is solved by configuring your maven repository nexus artifactory from not allowing overwrite of the release repos;in nexus we have a repo for snapshot and one for releases

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How to prevent overwriting of released artifacts (non snapshot versions) in maven repository on hudson

Edit this is not true anymore as of 2017 nexus gives a much larger support for other build tools end of edit;artifactory provides an awesome hudson teamcity and bamboo integration and gradle ivy support

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Should we use Nexus or Artifactory for a Maven Repo?

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