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The `auto` keyword was repurposed in C++11 for a deduced type


Decltype is a C++11 keyword that can be used to find the type of an expression.



Decltype is significantly more versatile that auto and can always be used in place of it

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When should I use decltype(x) instead of auto to declare the type of a variable?

In the cases where auto can be used it is more concise than decltype as you don t need to provide the expression from which the type will be inferred

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Decltype vs auto

Other than that auto cannot be used as a standalone entity inside decltype x because that would prevent x from being a valid expression;decltype auto is an inseparable construct almost as if it were a keyword like decltype_auto

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Decltype(auto), trailing return type and sfinae: can we mix them?

Note decltype auto is primarily useful for deducing the return type of forwarding functions and similar wrappers as shown above where you want the type to exactly track some expression you re invoking;however decltype auto is not intended to be a widely used feature beyond that

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Almost Always decltype(auto)?

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