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AVR refers to two families of either 8- or 32-bit RISC microcontrollers


This tag is related to questions that have something to do with a microcontroller



I don t know the criteria you chose the target processor on but consider using an avr 8-bit microcontroller if the project don t need the arm m3 32-bit processing power;avr is much easier and cheaper to start with especially for beginners

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Start writing embedded code

If the avr fuse bits that specify its clock source get corrupted and the avr expects you to connect an external clock or crystal but you do not have such a clock or crystal in your circuit then the avr will not have a clock signal and you be unable to program it;luckily there is actually a way to revive such avrs you can get another microcontroller to generate a pwm signal and apply it to the xtal2 or xtal1 pin of your avr as a low-speed clock signal 100 khz

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Can a programmer damage micro-controllers?

I see that the microcontroller used in commercial devices are much cheaper than the avr or pic

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