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"background-color" is a CSS property used to define the background color of an element


Transparency is the property of being see-through; a transparent object reveals objects behind it



You just set the div with border-radius so that it is a circle and background-color is the more transparency color in the circle

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CSS masking or alternatives to achieve a radial focus

Background-color is not inherited so it will use its initial value which is transparency that s why you see no color;now if we consider the fallback cases 3 using initial means the initial value of background color so transparency using inherit means inherit the color but there is nothing to inherit so transparency again using unset we will have a mix of inherit and initial the unset css keyword resets a properties to its inherited value if it inherits from its parent and to its initial value if not

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CSS — ::selection with var() fallback

Your code is redundant with background transparency and with background-color transparency it s better to use however you can act directly to your in your css adding

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How to overwrite a div (html body, sets background) in an iFrame from local domain using jquery?

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