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A number whose powers are used to represent other numbers (e.g


A short integer is an integer number which may take less storage, while having a smaller range, than a standard integer on the same machine.



As the condition reads a loop can not be zipped tighter if the condition reads s either too short less than five base or the condition reads ends do not match

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Nested loops to find all possible combinations in Python

In short it s worse design to move things to the base class than it is to downcast to the specific class

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OO Design Modeling

My tabbar width is fixed in here so when i have long text in my tabbar it will not shown completetly i want to make my tabbar width is flexible base on the content so when my text is just short text the tabbar width will be small and when the text is long text the tabbar width be bigger than the short text tab

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How to customize tabbar width in flutter?

Short answer not possible;deprecated tags are used by the android source inside comments as it can be seen in fw base core res values attrs.xml see line 3427 for autotext as referred to in the original post in fw base core res values public.xml and in other places throughout the project but it appears that the build tools used for building applications simply skip all comments meaning the annotiation tags get skipped as well in the process making this method fail

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Can I mark a resource in my android project as deprecated?

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