Binary, the base-2 numeral system, represents numbers using two symbols: 0 and 1


Hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is the base-16 positional numeral system, using the 16 symbols 0–9 and A‒F.

Important alot shorter

Quality Example

"But when anyone human looks at it they look at it in hex using a hex editor which is much easier than reading binary"

from question "What does binary in script look like?"

Alot shorter

"One important reason is because hex is alot shorter and easier to read than binary is for humans"

from question "Importance of Hexadecimal numbers in Computer Science"

Representation decimal usability

Quality Example
Representation better way

"It seems the from a readability and usability standpoint the hex representation is a better way of defining binary numbers"

from question "Why do most languages not allow binary numbers?"


"Converting between decimal and hex is more involving and at least to me it s been easier if i have to do it in my head to first convert the decimal into binary representation and then the binary number into hex"

from question "Understanding hexadecimals and bytes in C#"


"This is still accepted by calls like inet_addr and has several advantages all fields are fixed width there are only 8 characters to update and the binary to hex conversion is usually faster than binary to decimal"

from question "What is the fastest way to convert unsigned char array to IP string"

Digit convenient 0-f

Quality Example
Even simpler

"The conversion from hex to binary is even simpler since you can simply expand each hex digit into the corresponding binary for example 0xa4 - 1010 0100"

from question "Understanding hexadecimals and bytes in C#"

More convenient

"As others have pointed out hex is much more convenient than binary anyway - you just need to remember how each of the hex digit 0-f looks in binary and replace groups of 4 bits with a single hex digit"

from question "Bitwise operations: C vs. Python"

Readable data dump

Quality Example
Much more readable

"And because hex is much more readable and useful than binary - it s often used and shown"

from question "Difference between machine language, binary code and a binary file"

Somewhat more

"Hex is somewhat more readable than binary if i happen to be loading a data dump in a text editor etc"

from question "Storing hexadecimal values as binary in MySQL"


Quality Example

"Format_int in binary case it loops 4 times then 4 times more than hex and dec cases"

from question "Slight Delay After Returning from Interrupt"

Encoding far more

"Hex encoding is far more readable than binary that s why sublime uses it"

from question "Reading Encoded File in PHP"

Numbers larger

"Those hex values seem a bit odd they re powers of two in decimal but in any case 0x128 the 0x is a standard prefix for hex numbers is the larger of the numbers in magnitude and its binary representation is 100101000"

from question "Minimum register length required to store values between -64 (hex) and 128 (hex)?"

Side greater

"If the right side the binary side is greater than or equal to the hex side then you print true if not then you print false"

from question "My program works on my computer, but not on CodeEval"

Friendlier most

"I ve been using images to store data since editing binary data through is much friendlier than most hex editors"

from question "What is a the quickest way to bitwise convert two ints to a long in java?"


"Base64 is usually used in instances to represent arbitrary binary data in a text format it has a 33.3 overhead but that s better than say hex notation which has a 50 overhead"

from question "Why use Base64?"


"Hex is easier for most people to convert to and from binary in their heads since binary numbers are usually expressed in blocks of eight because that s the size of a byte and eight is exactly two hex digits but hex notation would have been clunky and misleading in dennis time implying the ability to address 16 bits"

from question "Where did the octal/hex notations come from?"

"- i usually find debugging memory in hex x command is easier than binary so i will not use my solution"

from question "Formatting the binary representation of data in gdb"

Way more

"Unfortunately using hex consumes way more space and takes significantly longer i m dealing with 500gb of data and around 1 2 million records so i would really like to get the straight binary method to work"

from question "MySQL blob to file with bash. Why did this corrupt my data?"

String significantly longer

"A hex string is significantly longer than the corresponding binary string"

from question "Why use bin2hex when inserting binary data from PHP into MySQL?"

Just less

"Hex is just less verbose and can express anything a binary number can"

from question "Why do most languages not allow binary numbers?"

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