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BlazeMeter is a self-service, web and mobile load testing platform (PaaS) providing developers an enterprise grade, out-of-the-box load testing solution


Apache JMeter is an open source Java application, designed to load-test functional behavior and measure performance



Blazemeter uses the jmeter services to record the script just the jmeter services provides a better visual interface

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JMeter - Performance Testing

As a load testing tool it s better to use jmeter but in some cases especially when you write tests for ajax-rich applications or when you need to imitate real users scenarios it s necessary to combine advantages of jmeter that is more suitable than selenium for generating load and collecting performance metrics and selenium that is more suitable for interacting with a web page;and of course it s recommended to use blazemeter as a cloud based solution for running tests

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Loading test using Selenium

Why blazemeter is better than jmeter

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JMeter - Performance Testing

I don t think you can run the recording using jmeter as blazemeter chrome extension exports recorded scripts in yaml format suitable for taurus tool so you can run it using taurus tool as bzt test-combined-jmeter-and-selenium.yaml if you want to convert it to vanilla jmeter - execute the following command bzt test-combined-jmeter-and-selenium.yaml -gui jmeter gui will open where you will be able to modify and save generated jmeter script as .jmx file which can be executed using jmeter

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Not able to run jmeter script in non gui mode. It is recorded using blazemeter and running on jmeter 5 version

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