Boost is a large collection of high-quality libraries intended for use in C++


The Standard Template Library, or STL, is a C++ library of generic containers, iterators, algorithms, and function objects. When C++ was standardised, large parts of the STL were adopted into the Standard Library, and these parts in the Standard Library are also sometimes erroneously referred to collectively as "the STL".

Libraries mature standard

Quality Example
Less standard

"Boost libraries are generally less mature and less standard than stl"

from question "Should I become proficient with STL libraries before learning BOOST alternatives?"

Much richer

"As for not reinventing the wheel like many have said already make sure to first explore the possibilities in the standard template library stl which is much richer than you might think and then look at boost which has libraries for a lot of diverse purposes and they are extremely high quality and some are just works of art like spirit proto lambda and mpl"

from question "C to C++ : Transitioning from one language to the other"

Project better exceptions

Quality Example

"Once you re past the basics with c++ learning how to use parts of stl and then how it works will be better than tackling boost"

from question "Should I become proficient with STL libraries before learning BOOST alternatives?"

"C++ s stl is getting better and better yet it s not nearly as huge as boost and is not intended to"

from question "Boost..... what is all the fuss about?"

"I ve used both for the same project boost is better integrated with the stl and especially c++ exceptions"

from question "Exposing a C++ API to Python"


Quality Example
More modern

"While boost is more modern c++ it also harder to use for non trivial tasks - and without a modern c++ experience and deep stl knowledge it is difficult to use correctly"

from question "Boost vs ACE C++ cross platform performance comparison?"

Greater mastery

"I don t want to use boost because that s a library i haven t used extensively yet and i m doing this partly as an exercise to gain greater mastery over the stl"

from question "Can a class contain a list of itself?"

Better solution

"Boost s io stream might be a better solution than stl s own stream"

from question "Can one read a remote file as an istream with libcurl?"

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