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Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python


Flask is a lightweight framework for developing web applications using Python.



There are many python frameworks that can make this task easier such as django bottle and flask

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I am trying to map python into web page.

Bottle is rather faster than flask

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Bjoern v/s Gunicorn POST requests

So i m biased because i m the author of flask but here something to help you make the pick;itty - very minimal framework bottle is probably a more stable alternative if you want a single file installation

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What python equivalent of Sinatra would you recommend?

I used to favor bottle over flask for this very reason flask has a different way of doing this very reason flask though

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Using to print on browser

I d totally go with flask unless one dependency bottle is better than three flask jinja2 and werkzeug

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My first web app (Python): use CGI, or a framework like Django?

Note if not possible with bottle i m ok for a solution with flask i m hesitating about moving to flask which has a very similar api anyway

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Can I launch an action after a successful "return static_file(...)" with Python Bottle?

As of sep18 also have a look on quart apistar as of mar19 add fastapi looks very promising nota bottle is lighter faster than flask but with less bells whistles falcon is fast

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Which python framework will be suitable to rest api only

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