Bower is a package manager for the web


Npm is the official package manager for Node.js, the non-blocking, asynchronous I/O framework that uses Google's V8 JavaScript engine

Reading sense package

Quality Example

"Using npm package is a little bit harder than using bower package"

from question "How can I include a pure javascript file into our ember application?"

More sense

"My codebase is front-end only so after doing a little reading i thought bower would make more sense than npm"

from question "Bower versus npm - I need npm to install bower"


Quality Example
More available versions

"On the project i m using bower to manage dependencies because i found that it has way more available versions than npm does"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Bower packages are simpler than npm equivalents and don t have subfolders with module dependencies"

from question "Can I exclude files from an NPM package on the installation side?"

Wider user

"What i meant to ask is it can be argued that npm has a wider user base than bower some even argue that we should stop using bower altogether like here and here"

from question "Polymer and Bower"

More similar

"Bower is more similar to npm than to component"

from question "What is the difference between component and bower?"


"Bower is more focused on browser libraries and css while npm is more for server-sided stuff using node.js"

from question "How do I include JavaScript packages I install from Nuget?"


"Even if you can handle them with npm it s better to use bower since it s optimized for this purpose no deep dependencies among other things"

from question "Grunt and Bower Dependency Management"

Better fit

"Is bower a better fit than npm for asp .net 5 projects with separation of source and build files and if not what s the recommended way of doing it purely with npm"

from question "ASP .NET 5 - grunt task to copy files from node modules to wwwroot"

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