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A modern ruby gem for file uploads in Rails and other frameworks, similar to paperclip and attachment_fu


Paperclip is a library for the Ruby on Rails framework which makes dealing with file attachments easier



New to carrierwave already loving it so much better than paperclip

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Rails Carrierwave & s3: wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)

Carrierwave seems to be gaining more popularity than paperclip but most people seem to be on paperclip

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* (no title is found for this review)

Carrierwave is a newer gem than paperclip and it looks a lot more flexible

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Uploading Pictures Ruby on Rails

If you re just starting out i would recommend using either paperclip or carrierwave to handle file uploads in a rails app;both projects are really good but i think you ll find that carrierwave is more flexible in the long run

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Rails 3 beginner - looking for advice on image upload & gallery

Seems like paperclip is more file oriented and carrierwave is more object oriented

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Make Carrierwave and jpegcam play nice?

Paperclip is the older one good but feels a bit dated;carrierwave feels more in sync with rails 3 and i ve been hearing a lot of great things about it

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Attachment_fu issue

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