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An operation is case insensitive when uppercase and lowercase characters are equally treated.


An operation is case sensitive when uppercase and lowercase characters are treated differently.



Btw a case-sensitive search done with removing i is much faster than a case-insensitive search

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Fastest way to search for a text string in all files & directories (recursively), then output the directory and filename

If you re looking for a single character and it is not case-sensitive use the overload that works with a char;searching for a single case-insensitive char is quicker than a sub-string

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Is this the most efficient way to search for a substring?

This method has the potential to be used for more than just case-insensitive pattern matching in regards to css the id selector #example is case-insensitive while the id attribute selector is case-sensitive unless you use the case-insensitive attribute selector

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In the DOM are node ids case sensititve?

This tiny overhead on add is vastly outweighed by the savings on lookups since all programmers should know and understand that case-insensitive compares are vastly slower than case-sensitive especially with unicode - the cpu can t just do a block compare of data but must check each pair of characters specially even using a table look-up this is vastly slower

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Finding an item in a List<T>

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