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CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system


Note: Questions MUST be programming related



He says he uses debian and is less familiar with centos and so i am posting here

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Linux CentOS Server Startscript: Minecraft Server

For example the openjdk 11 on debian is still in buster testing and sid unstable and therefore not available in any stable branch;i guess in centos i am not that familiar with it tbh. it s the same situation

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Installing open jdk 11 on centos using yum commands

Note that centos software versions are older than debian s but versions of opensuse software are newer than debian s versions

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The -O2 optimization breaks C++ code on some machines

Centos or debian takes much longer

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Why does it take ages to install Pandas on Alpine Linux

We recently have migrated redmine from a server which was running under centos 5.5 with the same ror environment the same load the performance was a way better than on debian 7

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Redmine very slow for every pages

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