Questions about Cheerio, an implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.


Implementation of the WHATWG DOM and HTML Standards (among others) for node.js


Quality Example
Much faster

"I had the same problem with jsdom and switcht to cheerio which is much faster than jsdom and works even after scanning hundreds of sites"

from question "Jsdom and node.js leaking memory"


"If it is unavoidable node.js has good options - try to use the module cheerio which is faster than heavy weight jsdom"

from question "Technology for Server side DOM manipulation (Java vs Node)"


"I find request + cheerio to be easier than jsdom for tasks like this"

from question "Node Jsdom Scrape Google's Reverse Image Search"


"If you don t need a full dom available and just want to parse and scrape manipulate html elements there is cheerio which is more lightweight than jsdom and still gives you a jquery-like api"

from question "Node.js & JQuery: "ReferenceError: $ is not defined" error. How do I use jquery with node on the server?"

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