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CIImage is an image class from Apple's CoreImage framework


The basic image handling class of Cocoa-Touch on iOS



You need to use the ciimage created on top from the current image as below;you are using uiimage instead of ciimage in combinedparameters and uiimage doesn t have extent method so you are getting the crash

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CIAdditionCompositing seg faults

The heart of the matter is that passing through ciimage is not the way to crop a uiimage;for one thing coming back from ciimage to uiimage is a complicated business

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Cropping CIImage

It merely provides a reference to the ciimage that is already the basis of this uiimage;but this uiimage does not have a ciimage basis

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CGImage from NSURL works but not from UIImage

It seems like if the uiimage is slightly larger the ciimage is double the size whereas if the uiimage is slightly smaller this isn t the case

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UIImage to CIImage - size is halved?

There is no scale and no screen a ciimage is not something that is drawn so there are no pixels;a uiimage backed by a cgimage is the basis for drawing and in addition to the cgimage it has a scale

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CIImage extent in pixels or points?

I am merging two images using ciimage filter cisourceovercompositing issue is it is losing alpha opacity of watermark foreground image if its applied opacity is less than one. i applied alpha value like this i think issue is i need to change alpha from ciimage through some calculation as ciimage working space is not same as uiimage

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When merging two images CISourceOverCompositing losing alpha for watermark

Update in case if you are fatalerror means uiimage doesn t exists with ciimage so you need to convert uiimage to ciimage;let s say your scaledimage is an uiimage so you can directly get an ciimage without creating a new one

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Image from CIFilter wont display

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