The term "client-side" refers to that portion of a web application which runs in the user's browser


The term "server-side" refers to the portion of an application run on a server

Validation faster place

Quality Example

"Since you don t want to repeat yourself it s very tempting to put all your validation on one side or the other but there are tradeoffs either way and it is true that server-side validation is going to be slower than client-side"

from question "A form that is saved real-time. Practical?"

Validation faster

"Client-side validation is faster than server-side because the validation takes place on client side on browser and the networking time from client to server is saved"

from question "Which is best to use Validation server side or client side"

Visitor browser script

Quality Example
Script more

"I am curious to know if detecting the visitor browser with client-side script is more reliable than server-side script"

from question "Detecting the visitor's browser by JAVASCRIPT or PHP?"

Script way less secure

"Ps again i am aware that relying on client-side script is way less secure compared with handling all execution from within the server-side"

from question "Securely submit form using JavaScript / PHP"


Quality Example

"Now if you aren t generating your html server-side and are instead writing it by hand you can make your life just a dash easier with a client-side transformation like this"

from question "How to preserve c++ template code in html?"

"I think this method of manipulating the dom from the client-side is easier than using regex from a server-side language"

from question "PHP Adding ID Attribute to Headings"

Javascript much more

"That said client-side javascript is much more common and if you were using server-side javascript you would probably know the answer to your question"

from question "JavaScript file to byte[]"

More responsive

"Client-side will also be more responsive than server-side because there s no request-response but that s really only a perceived performance issue for high-latency connections"

from question "Display validation message"


"First can be used to perform this xslt transformation which is really simple as you said just applying the xslt stylesheet at server-side if it is considered better than at client-side or even just sending the processing instruction for that to the browser"

from question "Integrate XSLTForms in web forms"

"Server-side checks are better than client-side"

from question "Check form input length via PHP with maxlength tag"

"Are client-side binding grids better than the server-side ones"

from question "ASP.NET MVC Grid controls comparison"

Far more

"How you handle things server-side is far more critical than client-side validation which can and will be ignored by malicious users"

from question "How to validate contact form when form is coded in html document?"


"Since servers omit the working copy you should generally expect server-side bare repositories to be smaller than client-side non-bare repositories"

from question "Difference in size of a local repo and bitbucket"

Validation more

"Server-side validation is more secure than the client-side as the user cannot see the code even he does a view-source"

from question "Which is best to use Validation server side or client side"


"If getting these in sync is an issue make the client-side timer shorter than the server-side one"

from question "Good way to determine if someone left a webpage"


"Is there a way to load it in node.js or is there another proxy that can be used to monitor changes in array for server-side code that will work far greater than client-side code as it will be receiving yuge requests"

from question "Using Harmony-proxy on Webserver node.js"


"The problem is that the server-side selectedindexchanged event triggers earlier than the client-side change event so the data never reaches the server-side"

from question "Can Jquery trigger a server-side "selectedIndexChanged" event on a DropDownList?"


"In theory encoding client-side is no more dangerous than encoding server-side"

from question "Is it safe to employ output encoding against XSS on the client-side?"


"While not really a console runs python code client-side with no plugins or anything which makes it a lot faster than a server-side prompt"

from question "Python Console Website"

More valuable

"Not all of the reasons given are necessarily valid but one important one is that unless you re google server-side cpu cycles are a lot more valuable than client-side cycles so it s easier to have the client compile optimize what is quite often dynamically generated html javascript rather than the server"

from question "Why HTML/JavaScript/CSS are not compiled languages and will they ever be?"

Validation more responsive

"Client-side validation is more responsive to the user but always back it up with proper server-side checks"

from question "Up to date secure PHP image uploading"

Tabletools more

"Since eventually i d have a button that runs some script on the smeow values and send it to a different request i had a look at the tabletools plugin but it doesn t really play well with server-side tabletools is more focused on the client-side source"

from question "Django datatables additional data from server to template"

Way more

"The server-side way is more reliable and browser-independent while the client-side approach will decrease the amount of incoming traffic to server"

from question "Limit image filesize before upload"

Probably more common

"Storing that info on the server-side is probably more common with the client-side only given his the session cookie"

from question "PHP cookie removal in FireFox 14.0.1"

Also faster

"As a general rule of thumb at least in security you should trust no user so i think it would be the wise choice to validate the data client-side it s also faster and then if the first validation passed validate it server-side to double-check or to have a safety net if the user has javascript turned off something you don t see that often"

from question "Client side validation of a post request?"

More powerful

"My guess is that server-side implementation may turn out to be more flexible and more powerful than client-side as i can add functionality to the server easily as long as the client understands it"

from question "Software Update Notifications"

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