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Cobertura is a free and open-source Java tool based on jcoverage that calculates the percentage of code and branches covered by tests.


EMMA is an open-source toolkit that measures and reports the percentage of Java code covered by unit tests.



However cobertura looks more modern active last update from 2010 instead of 2005 and generates nicer reports so i would prefer it over emma

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Why is Cobertura not working in my Spring/Hibernate Webapp?

At one point i inquired about emma on a scala mailing list and i was told that by some that some had more success with cobertura

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Using Undercover with ScalaTest and Maven

If you re going to stick with maven and want a plugin for maven that will do the code-coverage job i think cobertura is a better choice as emma stable last build is from 2005

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How to get code coverage in Android using Maven (android-maven-plugin)

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