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Cobertura is a free and open-source Java tool based on jcoverage that calculates the percentage of code and branches covered by tests.


JaCoCo a coverage analysis tool



So you would have to configure your big build to generate a coverage report with the engine you want to use i would recommend jacoco as jacoco is supported out of the box by the sonar java plugin if you want to use another engine clover cobertura etc.. you would have to install a dedicated plugin

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SonarQube configuration JUnit Coverage - Surefire

Similarly you might find using jacoco easier than cobertura

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How to include Unit and Integration test in Sonar Code Coverage

After that and more issues with cobertura our moved to jacoco and are very happy with the result

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Spring @Autowired fails in case of Cobertura instrumented class

It provides additional features compared to cobertura;i tried jacoco and other tools and found jacoco generated reports more comprehensible and useful compared to other

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Cobertura generating incorrect code coverage

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