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C++ cross-platform version of Cocos2D, an open-source mobile 2D game framework.


Corona is a mobile development framework for creating high-performance, multimedia-rich applications, games, eBooks etc



Cocos2d-x has a much more managable learning curve than doing it all from scratch and there are a number of great resources available cocos2d-x forums this blog etc;a quick google search showed me that corona has costs associated with corona for distribution - cocos2d-x does not

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Multi-Media Book App for iPad - Obj-C or Corona Or Cocos2D?

The consensus seems to be that corona is easier to use but that cocos2d-x has the advantages that come from being open source easy to customize merge with other code community etc

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IPhone / iPad game application dev tools

I would recommend cocos2d-x as it is in my opinion equally or even better than corona and it is free

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2d Mobile Gaming

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