Any programming language that is primarily implemented by using a compiler, i.e


Questions about interpreted languages and program interpretation in general

Performance examples better

Quality Example
Better performance

"Writing in a compiled-language java or c++ in your examples would almost certainly give better performance than an interpreted-language like php"

from question "Strictly server-side processing (no web browser interaction): is Java or PHP better for this scenario?"

Significantly better

"Performance of programs in compiled-language is significantly better than that of an interpreted-language"

from question "Speeding up a die roll simulation"

Performant level assembly

Quality Example
More performant

"Then c which is one those languages closer to the processor level is very performant and generally speaking compiled-language because they turn your code into assembly language are more performant than interpreted-language"

from question "Is RxJS faster than imperative?"

Less performant

"Interpreted-language are inherently less performant than compiled-language - c will generally outperform python - some operations more than others"

from question "Programming at Intel?"

Slower faster execution

Quality Example
Slower natively

"It should be noted that interpreted-language are inherently many time slower than natively compiled-language"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

Slower other

"Python is an interpreted-language so by definition is slower than other compiled-language but the drawback in the execution speed is not even noticeable in most of applications"

from question "Should I learn a cross-platform GUI language or go with a native?"


"Interpreted-language tend to be but not always are significantly slower than compiled-language"

from question "Steps carried out in case of INTERPRETER and COMPILER"

"Mostly interpreted-language are a bit slower compared with compiled-language but i guess the difference is almost negligible in coffeescript javascript because of node.js"

from question "Why compilers are written in C/C++ instead of using CoffeeScript (JavaScript, Node JS)?"

"Php is an interpreted-language so will run a little slower than a compiled-language"

from question "Is there a point to minifying PHP?"

"This is a good question but should be formulated a little different in my opinion for example why are interpreted-language slower than compiled-language"

from question "Why are Interpreted Languages Slow?"

"An interpreted-language will typically run one to two orders of magnitude slower than a compiled-language"

from question "Why are some programming languages faster than others?"

"Interpreted-language execution speed are slower than compiled-language true but once there is need for more speed you can call in compiled stuff through gems or micro services"

from question "Is Ruby unsafe to use on Test Automation Projects?"

"Naturally interpreted-language will run slower than compiled-language as compiled code can be ran blindly by the cpu where as compiled code needs to be checked ran line by line"

from question "Why is client-side web still using an interpreted language?"

"This makes interpreted-language generally slower than compiled-language due to the overhead of running the vm or interpreter"

from question "Why is an interpreter slower than a compiler in practice?"

"Fact is that interpreted-language like php are always slower than a compiled-language"

from question "Is there any benchmark which compares PHP and JSP?"

"While ruby and python are both interpreted-language and operation-for-operation slower than compiled-language the reality is in executing an application only a small portion of cpu time is spent in your code and the majority is spent into the built-in libraries you call into which are often native implementations and thus are as fast as compiled code"

from question "Best programming language for fast DB reads and fast local data structure manipulation"


"Are compiled-language better than interpreted-language or vice-versa"

from question "Difference between compiled and interpreted languages?"


"A compiled-language will generally run faster than an interpreted-language so i think ruby and php start behind the eight ball but it really comes down to how you use the language and how you structure the code"

from question "Scalability on the web"

"That being said a compiled-language like c will almost always be faster than an interpreted-language like javascript"

from question "Performance of a Javascript Front-End vs C Back-End"

"In my general programming experience compiled c c++ programs generally run faster than most other compiled-language like java or even compiled python and almost always run faster than interpreted-language like uncompiled python or javascript"

from question "What is the difference between Unity vs c++?"

"From what i know a compiled-language such as c++ is much faster than an interpreted-language such as javascript"

from question "Using Google NaCl to read pixels off a canvas - is it worth it?"

Much slower

"And perl like any interpreted-language is much slower than a compiled-language"

from question "Loop through non-integer rows using SQL"

Easier possible bytecode

Quality Example
Surely easier

"An interpreted-language surely makes it easier but this is still entirely possible with compiled-language like c"

from question "Classic interpreter language"

Probably easier

"While java could be described as a compiled and interpreted-language it s probably easier to think of java itself as a compiled-language and java bytecode as an interpreted-language"

from question "Programming Language Implementation"


Quality Example

"This is usually seen in dynamic interpreted-language but is less common in compiled-language"

from question "Static vs dynamic type checking in C++"

More overhead

"Especially in an interpreted-language like php where classes add more overhead than a compiled-language"

from question "Wrapper for getter methods"


"My guess is that in interpreted-language the efficiency benefit in using switch statements is indeed smaller than in compiled-language"

from question "If/Else and Switch efficiency comparison in interpreted languages"

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