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Use for the Couchbase Server product only (NOT CouchDB or Couchbase Lite)


Apache CouchDB is a document-oriented database that can be queried and indexed in a MapReduce fashion



As of couchbase lite 2.0 it is no longer compatible with couchdb

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Couchbase-lite and CouchDB

This is a problem for couchbase lit sdk last relaese because it uses sync gateway as its own server no longer compatible with couchdb

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IOS and CouchDB Replication

I d like to add that couchbase is a faster and more scalable option than couchdb the 2.0 version introduces views at a high level it s a distributed memcached membase server merged with couchdb but of course more sophisticated than just mashing them together

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CouchDb - MongoDb and NoSQL Databases Comparision (working with XML Documents)

Couchbase looks more like a memcache server with a persistence layer powered by couchdb and maybe it does not fit your needs

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CouchBase mixed with Memcached, loss of most CouchDB philosophies and functionality?

Couchbase btw also uses binary replication mechanism which will be more efficient than couchdb as long as the couchdb protocol is not utilized for bidirectional data exchange and conflict resolution

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CouchDB for widely scattered sites

Given the throughput i d expect that couchbase is more suitable for your needs;i ve not used couchbase as much but couchbase s very similar in couchbase s map reduce logic to couchdb

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What NO-SQL solution is optimised for frequent view updates & recreation?

Meanwhile couchdb is an actively maintained open-source project couchbase server is a completely separate project it is a newer project but it is not a newer version of couchdb - they are not even compatible and since even new tools for creating couchapps still keep being developed eg;see the kanso project then couchdb is not going anywhere soon

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Difference between CouchDB and Couchbase

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