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The central processing unit or "processor" inside a computer which executes the instructions in a computer program.


In a hyperthreaded CPU, for each processor core that is physically present, the operating system addresses two virtual or logical cores, and shares the workload between them when possible.



Recommanded that the number is equals or less than your cpu count or hyperthreading count

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Copy multiple azure containers to newly created containers efficiently using Python

Almost any new cpu has more than one core or if it has just one it might support hyperthreading and thus pretending it has more than one

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Keeping GUIs responsive during long-running tasks

Vcpu reg are virtual cpu registers that exist on many processors that have things like multiple cores hyperthreading or other features that enable higher layers to believe that there is more than one cpu present when there isn t -- such as today s x86s

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How do I fix "Failed to sync vcpu reg" error?

I ve run some benchmarks using the code above in linq pad both on my i7 machine and the amd threadripper and these are the results test on i7 quad-core 3 67 ghz windows 10 pro x64 sync version 15 sec 100 cpu async-await version 20 sec 93 cpu test on amd 32 cores 3 00 ghz windows server 2019 x64 sync version 16 sec 50 cpu async-await version 140 sec 14 cpu i understand there are hardware differences maybe the intel hyperthreading is better etc but this question is not about the hardware performance

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Async method returning a completed task unexpectedly slow

I tried using schedule static num_threads 4 and noticed that my programme always completes in 11.5s to 11.7s always below 12s at about 320 cpu runs more consistently and uses less resources even if the best run is half a second slower than the rare outlier with hyperthreading

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OpenMP: don't use hyperthreading cores (half `num_threads()` w/ hyperthreading)

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