The reference implementation of the Python programming language


IronPython is an open-source implementation of the Python programming language which is tightly integrated with the .NET Framework

Conclusion faster

Quality Example
Potentially faster

"Consequently ironpython is potentially faster than cpython is especially for multithreading scenarios"

from question "Is IronScheme interpreted or compiled? Does it benefit from .NET Framework optimizations?"


"I m not sure exactly how you re drawing the conclusion that ironpython is faster than cpython"

from question "Why is IronPython faster than the Official Python Interpreter"

Possible jython virtual

Quality Example
Much faster

"If there s any heavy application logic as opposed to all of the work being networking files database ironpython is much faster than cpython at a few things and much slower at a few others so you probably need to profile and perf-test before you go too far down either path"

from question "Python vs IronPython for BitCoin Development"


"Also on implementations like jython or ironpython could be a lot slower than with cpython"

from question "Python string comparison pointing to the result"

"It seems ironpython is just slower than cpython for reading text files"

from question "File reading and parsing peformance for IronPython vs CPython"


"Ironpython is faster than c# in certain areas but not faster than cpython however you can link ironpython to any language thus over coming problems but then again you can do the same with cpython"

from question "IronPython vs. Python .NET"

"It s possible that jython and ironpython are much faster than cpython as well as they are backed by heavily optimized virtual machines jvm and .net clr"

from question "Why are Python Programs often slower than the Equivalent Program Written in C or C++?"


Quality Example

"So if you want to use django or something like that it s probably not smart to use ironpython because it isn t really cross-platform doesn t work with some frameworks and it performs worse than cpython"

from question "Future and stability of IronPython"

More comfortable

"My understanding was it was written in vanilla python cpython but if you are more comfortable with ironpython it shouldn t be hard to translate"

from question "Possible to intercept and rewrite email on outlook client side using ironpython?"


"One of the largest benefits of ironpython is that it has effectively no gil - meaning that if you are both writing python code and it is multi-threaded - you can often get performance that is better than cpython without having to spawn multiple process and pickle objects across the boundaries"

from question "Iron Python : what are good uses for Iron Python"

Probably better

"Cpython probably has better ide support at present than ironpython - so this may be a factor in the choosing of one over the other"

from question "IronPython vs. Python .NET"


"Ironpython and jython are also jit-compiled although using the more generic jvm and .net jits so they tend to be faster than cpython for this kind of work as well"

from question "Is MATLAB faster than Python (little simple experiment)"


"I am however no cpython guru and can get so much more out of ironpython than cpython as i can easily leverage the .net platform on which i am far more at home"

from question "How are you using IronPython?"

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