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Crypt() is Unix C library function used for hashing passwords


A hash function is any well-defined procedure or mathematical function that converts a large amount of data into a small datum, usually a single integer. For questions about hashtags as used to label content on social media, use hashtag. For questions about URLs and HTML anchors, use fragment-identifier



To generate a bcrypt hash it is much safer to use the new password_hash function though there exists also a compatibility pack for earlier php versions

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How can i set blowfish for CRYPT_BLOWFISH function in php

The second hashing function is hash which supports many more algorithms and variants than crypt but does not support some algorithms that crypt does

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Best way to secure user passwords in a mysql database?

Notably backwards compatibility the password functions are essentially a well-written wrapper around crypt and are inherently backwards-compatible with crypt -format hash even if they use obsolete and or insecure hash algorithms

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How to use PHP's password_hash to hash and verify passwords

Hash is newer and seems to support more hashing alogrithms than crypt

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Hash() vs. crypt() function comparison

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