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Crypt() is Unix C library function used for hashing passwords


Cryptographic hash function with a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value



Unix md5 crypt doesn t use plain md5;that would be insecure because plain md5 is fast and password hash should be slow

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Generate Unix-Style MD5 Password Hash in C#

Note that you may also want to verify what encryption algorithm is actually used when you call crypt;md5 is no longer secure and it can be broken with a good gpu no typo you can use your graphics card to break a hash

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How exactly to implement Blowfish in php

Then i filled it with a md5 encrypt model- id the md5 value is much shorter and because it also uses laravel s crypt it can t be guessed

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Limit Laravel 5 Encryption length

I should also mention that crypt has this built-in and may be a better solution than md5

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Md5 hashed string to normal string

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