D3.js is a JavaScript library for creating interactive data-bound visualisations of documents using HTML, SVG, and Canvas.


Protovis is a visualization toolkit for JavaScript that takes a graphical approach to data visualization by allowing the user to specify how the data should be encoded in the marks representing it on the screen


Quality Example
More animation

"Finally i haven t done much with animation but i think you re entirely correct - d3.js provides more animation support than protovis especially in terms of animated transitions"

from question "Protovis vs D3.js"


"For semantic zooming you ll notice that d3.js is significantly faster than protovis"

from question "Fast and responsive interactive charts/graphs: SVG, Canvas, other?"

Better option

"The team behind protovis has since created d3.js so this is likely a better option than protovis"

from question "What is the best and most comprehensive JavaScript graphing and plotting API?"

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