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NOTICE: All Linux questions must be related to programming; those that aren't will be closed. Use this tag only if your question relates to programming using Linux APIs or Linux-specific behavior, not just because you happen to run your code on Linux



Personally i develop on the windows but deploy on debian where couldn t find the scrapyd package at all at the time i was working on the scrapyd package and noticed that performance of scrapy is considerably worse than on linux box so you might reconsider your target

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Issues with the installation of scrapyd on Windows

If your system linux is older like debian wheezy for example your glibc version will be older than the required one

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Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in LWJGL when attempting to run in Eclipse

I installed a new virtual machine openvz containter ct with debian 8 and had the same problem at start i thought that the problem was with the upgrade but having the same problem with a new fresh debian 8 install i have search for new solutions;the problem it s that i was running proxmox 3.2 which uses a linux kernel not compatible with debian 8

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Proxmox VM not loading after upgrading vm to debian 8 jessie

Os upgrades always have the potential for subtle bugs whether it s windows linux or anything else;debian has got better than it used to be in this regard

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LINUX: Upgrading a production machine

The first line in the dockerfile is widely used to have a separated tag with the postfix -alpine in the first line in the dockerfile to indicate that alpine linux is used which is a much smaller base-image than the debian image

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Do all docker images have minimal OS?

I recommend installing and using some linux distribution in particular because debian sid is more developer friendly and provides valgrind which is very useful to hunt bugs

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Problem with strings longer than 15 characters in MinGW

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