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Debugging is a methodical process of finding and fixing bugs in a computer program


Profiling is the process of measuring an application or system by running an analysis tool called a profiler



Of course you can only debugging the code to see the generated sql but it s easier with a profiling tool and you ll see how long time the query takes

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Get the names starts with numbers or special characters in linq to sql

Corecompile input file c buildagent temp buildtmp.netframework version v4.0 profiling client.assemblyattributes.cs is newer than output file bin debugging dllname.xml

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In Visual Studio 2010 why is the .NETFramework,Version=v4.0.AssemblyAttributes.cpp file created, and can I disable this?

Time spent learning a profiling is probably better spent than time writing and debugging micro-benchmarks

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String Pool: "Te"+"st" faster than "Test"?

The reason is that maybe like in my case the xcode bot was attempting to archive with the development profiling and development profiling is much easier to debugging than 4f96f173-7ebe-4892-b283-52489de2f409

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Xcode continuous integration provisioning profile error

Note that this usually happens under the release profiling which is more strict by default about errors than say debugging

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How do I turn off "warnings treated as error" in VS 2008

Another thing to try is the excellent entity framework profiling - has saved us many headaches in debugging performance issues like these - gives you a lot more than sql profiling and you can see what queries objects are created per objectcontext and method source line etc -

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Seemingly infinite stack trace in EF 4.0 and poor query performance under load

If so you can use the profiling to find where the profiling is spending more time;if not you can run the debugger in monodevelop put some breakpoints in the code and press the debugging button

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Unity 3D C# code, overloads computer no error

Visual studio 2012 profiling remotely debugged process;visual studio allows remote debugging but not remote profiling

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Visual Studio 2012 Performance Profiler attach to a remote process

This performance difference issue when doing profiling is better than debugging also has troubled me for a few hours i even tried to move code from web api to console application to test and console application has similar performance as good as when profiling web api

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Visual studio performance profiling optimization

Rom your description your description appears that the problem happens in your extension so set up the profiling according to the documentation and look in the error console;other than that remote debugging requires seeing more of your code

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Notifying iFrame page from Firefox extension?

Tooling is worse the code is longer debugging and profiling is harder

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Using async await pattern from static method when concurrency isn't needed

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