Decimal is the name for our common base-ten numeral system


The octal numeral system, or oct for short, is the base-8 numeral system, using the digits 0 to 7


Quality Example

"Hex or maybe octal depending on the machine being emulated will be clearer than using decimal since similar opcodes tend to vary in bits not digits"

from question "How can I process opcodes stored in a binary file in Perl?"

Often more convenient

"Bitshifts just go easier with hexadecimal than decimal and is often more convenient to read than octal"

from question "Hex values in Protocol headers"

Representation no more

"This means the buffer is enough for printing the number in octal and since decimal representation uses no more digits than octal it will be enough for decimal representation too"

from question "Is there a better way to size a buffer for printing integers?"

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