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A device or a software which purpose is to decode an encoded signal or stream.


Encoder is a software program, device or algorithm that converts information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardization, speed, secrecy, security or compressions.



For most use cases h.264 will have much better compression than mjpeg but the encode decoder process is a lot more complex which is why things without much computing power webcams spit out mjpeg;google would have to be a rather pathological case for an good h.264 encoder to perform as badly as a good mjpeg encoder randomly generated pixel values

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Mjpeg and h264 codecs

New java 8 encoder decoder is running faster than any other implementation but you need java 8...

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Should I use new BASE64Encoder() or Base64.getEncoder() to encode images in java?

In the end you have a scheme whose encoder is more complex but whose decoder couldn t be simpler

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Packing the normal vector and tangent vector

An amf3 decoder should not use the traits from a partially-constructed object -- such input should be flagged as erroneous;the strings-reference table is implemented at the encoder by tagging in-memory string objects as they are serialized

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Flash: AMF3 with reference tables?

Maybe the header of the file required to initialize the video decoder is not at the start of the file but at the end and the browser has to download the whole file until it reaches it;this is uncommon nowadays but old video encoders used to place the mp4 header at the end of the file instead of at the beginning because it simplified the encoder s implementation

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How do I prevent HTML5 video from buffering the entire video once you click play?

How it works when encoder encodes number n+1 packet it add there some information about packet n that is useful for decoder if it supports recovery;if decoder does not support recovery then this information is useless and wasting bandwidth

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What does "useinbandfec is a unidirectional receive-only parameter" mean in Opus?

F you re concerned about performance you could write something like this that decoder the singleton object the singleton though and in our desired representation our have a wrapper;we can accommodate that with a single extra line at the end this will fit right in with a generically derived instance for our updated item class import io.circe.jawn.decode case class item id long name localizedstring and then the customized encoder is a little more straightforward and then this approach will work for any number of dynamic fields like this you can transform the input into either a or jsonobject and work with the key-value pairs directly

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Decoding JSON values in circe where the key is not known at compile time

Base64 encoding is not meant to work piece by piece it s meant to encode a complete block of data as one single unit so when the decoder sees the symbol which appears at the end of each line it thinks it s reached the end and there is nothing left;the proper way to solve this is to go back to your original code and pass the entire string to a base64 encoder not just one line at a time

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How can I get python XOR to Decrypt a Multi-line String?

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