Deserialization is the process by which an object is recreated from its serialized state.


Serialization is the process of converting a data structure or object state into a format that can be stored


Quality Example
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"I ve reworked it slightly so that the deserialization code looks more like its serializable counterpart"

from question "XML - Can not deserialize after serialize"


"Deserialization is harder than serializable"

from question "Not knowing a type before deserializing"


"The serializable seems quicker but deserialization much slower and the app is doing more deserializing than serializing"

from question "XML vs Binary performance for Serialization/Deserialization"

Much faster

"If the taskproperty class is decorated with datacontract attribute and with datamember attribute for each property the deserialization is much faster than when it is decorated with serializable attribute"

from question "Why DataContract is faster than Serializable?"

More control

"You ll need to implement serializable to have java handle the serializable or externalizable if you need more control over the deserialization process"

from question "Non-serializable object error while working on Memcache"

More options

"Side note check-out the serializable which gives more options and better control over the deserialization process"

from question "Serializer ignores properties that use another serialized property"

Longer equal

"I have an issue with serializable in c# .net where if i serializable in one stream multiple references to a same object these references are no longer equal after deserialization"

from question "How to maintain reference equality during serialization and deserialization"

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