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Diagonal means either a diagonal matrix (usually a square matrix) in which the entries outside the main diagonal are all zero


Minimum refers to the value in a collection of values that is the least or smallest.



Even with 32 levels of recusions it will never explode in a rectangular draw area whose diagonal is shorter than 2 32 pixels the limit would be reached only if you are splitting a virtual bezier in a virtually infinite space with floating-point coordinates but you don t intend to draw it directly because you won t have the 1 2 pixel limitation in such space and only if you have set an extreme value for the flatness such that your minimum square sine constant parameter is 1 2 32 or lower

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Fastest way to calculate cubic bezier curves?

One way would be to fill the diagonal elements with something lesser than global minimum and then use argsort -

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Python, issue with ties using argsort

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