Dill is a module which extends python's 'pickle' module for serializing and de-serializing python objects to the majority of the built-in python types


An object serialization module for Python

Problems serialization support

Quality Example
Better serialization

"I think you can do exactly what you want with dill which provides better serialization than pickle"

from question "Pickle dump an object referencing a module"


"Cloudpickle might be a good idea for your problem as well it has better support in pickling objects than pickle not per see better than dill and you can pickle code easily as well"

from question "What are the pitfalls of using Dill to serialise scikit-learn/statsmodels models?"

"I searched a bit and found that dill can perform better than pickle with classes but i am having problems to implement it"

from question "Pickle, dill - ImportError: No module named moduleA.moduleB.moduleC"

Better job

"Modules such as dill are doing a better job than pickle"

from question "Multiprocessing.apply_async(myfunc, ...) within a class doesn't seem to call myfunc"


Quality Example
Better serializer

"Dill has a better serializer that can pickle socket objects on any os and thus sending the socket object with multiprocess works in either case"

from question "Why can Linux accept sockets in multiprocessing?"

Slightly more cases

"You may also want to have a look at dill which covers slightly more cases than pickle"

from question "How can I know if pickle.dump() successfully saved the file"

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