A directory or folder is a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of computer files and other directories can be kept and organized.


A folder or directory is a virtual container within a digital file system, in which groups of computer files and other folders can be kept and organized.

Ftp ls head

Quality Example

"I created a php file which deals with file deleting and uploading but i this file is one directory lower than the folder for files"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

Also faster

"Rm -rf directory also works faster for billion of files in one folder"

from question "What is the best and the fastest way to delete large directory containing thousands of files (in ubuntu)"


"I would recommend placing the common files in the same directory as the solution file or no more than 1 folder deep"

from question "VS2010 MV3 - How can I share files between solutions?"

"I am using the bash ftp command to ftp files however i have a problem where i try to create a directory that is more than 2 folder deep"

from question "FTP Shell Script mkdir issue"

Faster ls

"If i run ls folder | head in a directory with a lot of files the execution time is about 50 times faster than ls folder | tail"

from question "Does piping ls to head stop it's execution half way?"

Way more

"This folder has way more than 1 directory and has a bunch of files so apparently it snot reading something correctly"

from question "Robocopy not copying files"


"File must be in the same or higher directory as target folder"

from question "Incorrect path with function getcwd()"


"I have tested on mp3 files in different directory it takes less than one second with over 6000 files stored in different folder"

from question "How to find size of a file located on linux box and display in java webapp"


Quality Example

"And before copying the directory it is better to zip the entire stata8 folder - that will significantly reduce copying time since there are plenty of small-sized files"

from question "Migrate software to a new machine in Ubuntu"

C youruser

"Go to your user directory c profiles youruser there should be a folder called .m2 may be hidden"

from question "M2Eclipse missing artfifact (it didn't check the local repository in ~user/.m2)"


"The genisoimage man page suggests using -r or -r which has better defaults for ownership in addition since the rock ridge standard supports 255 byte file names and folder depths greater than 8 directory and is a real standard unlike joliet"

from question "Genisoimage garbles filenames"

Nothing more

"Actually adding a new resource folder does nothing more then adding it as a resource directory in build.gradle"

from question "Android Studio - Include ResourceBundles in Module"

Much worse

"Btw microsoft azure storage explorer in my case showed only some subset of folder which is much worse than displaying duplicated directory so i switched to azure explorer mentioned above and it s worth recommending"

from question "Why do duplicate folders exist in my Azure blob storage container?"

Further deeper

"If you really need to enter the sub-directory however you can create recursive calls and in the call you can check if the directory has further deeper folder by using directoryinfo.getdirectories"

from question "Loop Through Each Sub Directories In Sub Directories"

No more

"I m starting in the base directory and i know that the the directory goes no more than 1 folder deep past the base directory"

from question "Iterating over a large file directory system in python, getting too many values to unpack"

Structure more

"But my directory structure is more organized its more like app lib mypackage folder"

from question "Importing class in a nested folder"


"The problem is that the dropbox folder is no longer in my user directory so r cannot find the directory."

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"I need help in a vba macro that ll delete files in a directory that contains more than 2 _ and is older than 3 months old however there are some folder sub folder in the directory that must not be touched or modified"

from question "VBA code to delete files in a directory that contains specific characters"

"I have a directory that contains more than 5000 subfolders....i need to get the name of the folder in the final level.."

from question "How to list all final level of subfolders in a directory in"

"I have a directory which has more than 10 folder"

from question "How to get the size of folders in php?"

"I have a directory containing more than 1000 folder"

from question "Move files from one directory to another directory with awk or bash"

"I find the best way is to create a cache session folder in your systems directory is more safer i put important things like logs and cache in system rather than application folder"

from question "Best way to store session in codeigniter"

"To navigate to f you must go to c users folder a b c d e f within each directory there are a number of .html files and potentially more than one folder also"

from question "Want to recursively call method on folder/subfolders, but "Maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object""

"I have makefile .mke on windows and i need to count directory in a folder which start with install and then make if clause to throw an exception if there are more than one directory like this"

from question "How to count directories in make file"

"On windows xp however it works fine on local file systems but when watching folder on a mapped network drive it throws an ioexception when trying to watch more than 50 directory"

from question "Using WatchService to monitor multiple directories on a mapped Network drive"

"So now i just want to forget this virtual directory system and make the solution explorer to be nothing more than a folder tree as it is in real just like a windows explorer"

from question "How to make solution explorer exactly like real directory tree?"

Much more tedious

"The first option is easy with one directory but becomes much more tedious with multiple folder not to mention that windows will likely create an object in the target directory before it has finished copying and i am compressing files potentially over 10 gb so that solution won t work"

from question "How can I be sure that a very large zip file is finished compressing?"

Sa44-3 not larger then

"I need to make sure that each of these top mail directory sa44-3 is not larger then 8gb so the script should calculate the size of each top level folder and if its over 8gb create a new one called eg"

from question "Splitting a large directory in parts"


"Unfortunately the directory also is a git repository and has a .git folder in it which is much bigger than the directory itself"

from question "Phar exclude directories when creating tar archive"


"Test code updated so you can see that both it works identically whether using varargs or not will fail if your home directory has less than 5 sub folder"

from question "Java get folder size of multiple directories with file[]"

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