Django is an open source server-side web application framework, written in Python


Flask is a lightweight framework for developing web applications using Python.

Great community extensions

Quality Example

"If you are looking for the latter then flask is a micro framework that is considerably smaller than django"

from question "Lightweight framework for forms w Ajax in Python"

"Flask has a really great albeit smaller than django community and there are a lot of extensions available for common web-app extensions in the extensions directory"

from question "Which python web framework(django or django-norel or pyramid) to use when MongoDB is used as a database"


Quality Example
Better integration

"But if the use of mongodb is a must then i suggest that you reconsider using django in the first place because mongodb has a better integration with flask through mongoengine"

from question "Django 1.5 with mongodb"


"Flask is more focused on simplicity instead of functionality while django has more functionality"

from question "Printing Python into HTML"

More complicated

"But a friend told me to begin with flask as it s simpler and will help me when i start learning django as django is more complicated than flask"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"I read that flask for beginner is better than django because educational reasons at the same time django have django oscar"

from question "Flask or django for small online shop (im beginner) 2 weeks"

More out-of-the-box

"Django is very batteries included meaning that it comes with much more out-of-the-box than say flask and to me a large part of that the user auth system"

from question "Django user model extension in an ecommerce application"

More comfortable

"I m building an application in both bottle and flask to see which i am more comfortable with as django is too much batteries included"

from question "Multiple URL segment in Flask and other Python frameowrks"

More lightweight

"Either will do the trick but bottle or in my preference flask will be faster as it is much more lightweight than django"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Current task looks like flask is ok for it since it is smaller and simplier than django"

from question "How to convert a file in Excel format to a sql format on the server"

Much easier

"Both frameworks are fairly easy to implement flask is much easier than django imo although django has a built in authentication layer that you can use albeit more difficult to implement in a client server scenario like you need"

from question "Client-Server framework for python"

More light

"Our team use django as our frame before but now we use flask as our frame because it is more light than django but we still use django template."

from question "About how to apply csrf_token in Flask with django template"

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