Django is an open source server-side web application framework, written in Python


Web2py is a open-source full-stack web framework written in Python 2.x.

Admin customizable administrators

Quality Example
S better

"Django s is better web2py s appadmin is for administrators only"

from question "What other Python Web frameworks provide auto generated admin UI?"

Gae better

"As i understand it web2py supports gae better out of the box than django"

from question "Would anyone recommend using the web2py framework instead of the Google App Engine?"

More customizable

"Django s admin is better and more customizable than web2py s appadmin"

from question "Django vs web2py for a beginner developer"


Quality Example

"Having said that web2py has a lower initial learning curve than django as it was specifically designed as a learning tool"

from question "Django vs web2py for a beginner developer"

Even easier

"I think you ll find that web2py is even easier to learn and use than rails and django"

from question "Django or Ruby on Rails, which one is better for web 2.0 heavy ajax app?"


"Anyway the most important issue is that web2py is easier than django pylons php and rails"

from question "Anyone out there using web2py?"

Much newer

"I prefer web2py because there are more conveniences built into the environment than offered by django but web2py is much newer than django and hindsight always makes it easier make new implementations better"

from question "Django for web2py developers"

More focus

"Web2py has more focus on simple is better than complex but django has more focus on explicit is better than implicit"

from question "Django vs web2py for a beginner developer"


"And web2py is more lightweight than django rails whatever on pretty much all counts"

from question "What's a good lightweight Python MVC framework?"

"To answer klochner both seems quite popular but ruby is not a language that i am familiar with and django seems more heavy and complex to me than web2py"

from question "What do you recommend for web development frameworks?"

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