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Questions related to the use of double-quotes in different programming languages.


Questions related to the use of single-quotes in different programming languages.



Another side note single-quotes inside xpath string looks a bit tidier than escaped double-quotes imo

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How to delete node in XML file that has text content == var1 and a parent node with an attribute == var2 using XPathExpression in Java?

Makes first i d recommend using single-quotes around the variable itself easier to preserve double-quotes in the actual html code

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How to assign a block of html code to a javascript variable

Just a quick follow-up on this -- on windows you need to use double-quotes and not single-quotes throughout the command line;single-quotes are just considered part of the value so the above would send client_id instead of client_id

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Missing client_id or access_token URL parameter for realtime subscriptoin

First you can use double-quotes or q it just takes more work than single-quotes or q

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How can I declare these as string?

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