The drawImage() method draws an image, canvas, or video onto the canvas


The putImageData() is a method of the HTML5 Canvas, and is used to place new image data onto an existing image.

Earlier year old

Quality Example

"The only problem that as far as i know using drawimage is slower than using putimagedata and it was required in old browser versions like firefox 2 or such"

from question "Upscaling canvas data as fast as possible"

"That beeing said putimagedata is much slower than drawimage at least when i tested them earlier this year"

from question "Use Web Worker to getImageData from a file"

Faster function slower

Quality Example
Much faster

"As of right now drawimage is much faster than putimagedata"

from question "Is putImageData faster than drawImage?"

Function really faster

"I have seen that the drawimage function is really faster than the putimagedata"

from question "Optimizing setting of pixels in HTML5 canvas"


"Right now putimagedata is much slower than drawimage as you can see here"

from question "Canvas vs Image for faux video player"


"Using drawimage canvas is much faster than using putimagedata"

from question "How to replace getImageData & putImageData for better performance?"

"Drawimage seems to be much faster than putimagedata"

from question "Speeding up pixel manipulation in html5 canvas"


Quality Example
More performant

"Is putimagedata ... more performant than drawimage ..."

from question "In cocoonjs Which one of these methods give most performance for canvas"


"Using the clipping version of drawimage will be faster than putimagedata"

from question "Canvas: Draw image pixel by pixel and requestAnimationFrame timing"

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