Elixir is an open-source, dynamic, compiled, general purpose functional programming language


Erlang is a general-purpose, garbage-collected programming language and runtime environment, with built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance.


Quality Example
More verbose

"I agree some mechanisms in elixir are slightly more verbose than erlang function definitions being my personal pet peeve and vice-versa"

from question "Mixing Elixir and Erlang?"

Less farmiliar

"I m doing a comparison of erlang haskell elixir and es6 and i m less farmiliar with erlang and elixir but i want to represent all of these languages fairly so is this good erlang code"

from question "Is this Erlang code idiomatic?"

Steeper learning

"Erlang has a steeper learning curve compared to elixir"

from question "Are there things Elixir can do that Erlang cannot, or vice versa?"

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